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The Complete “Carson City” Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof Collection

Item Code: 18564

Reg. Price:$247.80

The Complete “Carson  City” Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof Collection

Announcing the private  non-monetary minting of The Complete “CC” Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof  Set heralding some of America’s rarest Morgan Silver Dollars, minted in Carson  City, Nevada and struck with the famous “CC” mint mark.
About 2% of all Morgans  were minted at Carson City.  Now consider the many millions of Morgans  lost to wartime meltdowns and silver profiteers.  It’s no wonder that the  value of any surviving Morgans, and especially those minted at Carson City, has  increased dramatically.  In fact, the rarest ones have sold for over  $531,000!   Now, you can reserve  your own Complete “CC” Morgan Silver Dollar Tribute Proof Set.  It’s a  complete date set of U.S. Gov’t “CC” Morgan Silver Dollars recreated as  privately minted non-monetary tribute proofs, each clad in 71 mg .999 Pure Silver Clad tribute proofs, each with the  magic “CC” mint mark clearly visible on the reverse.

Now, during this special  release, this spectacular .999 Pure Silver clad complete Carson City Tribute Proof set  can be yours for just $247.80 Plus, you’ll  also receive a tribute proof of the unusual 1900 “O” over “CC” Morgan!

As a special bonus with  your order, receive a classic cherry finish wood collector’s case to house and  protect your set, a $49.95 value, FREE!