Solid Silver Coins By the Pound!

Item Code: 14862

Reg. Price:$899.00

If you’ve been watching the news lately, then you know that silver prices have been skyrocketing to near historic highs in recent months. With some prognosticators calling for even higher prices in the future, the race to acquire silver is on. And what better way to create your own silver storehouse than with bags of solid silver coins – U.S. coins – conveniently priced by the pound? These are mixed denomination, very good or better, solid silver (at least .90 pure silver) coins from pre-1965, when our government stopped minting silver coins, coins like Washington silver quarters, Franklin silver half dollars, Mercury silver dimes, and so on. Now, you can acquire them by the pound! There’s a bag of “silver by the pound” to fit every budget, so start your own silver reserve today. Because of volatility in the silver market, we can’t guarantee how long we can hold these prices, so call now.