One Morgan Silver Dollar

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One Morgan Silver Dollar

Today the National Collector’s Mint announces a special limited release of 2981 Morgan Silver Dollars 93-136 years old at $39.00 each. Some prominent national dealers charge over $40 more for a comparable Morgan Silver Dollar.

These Morgans are among the last surviving originals still in existence. The U.S. Government melted down 270 million Morgan Silver Dollars for military needs during World War I (270,232,722 to be exact). This increased the value of the surviving silver dollars dramatically. In fact, the rarest ones have sold for as much as $529,000.00.

MARKET CONDITIONS The last time silver hit $50 an ounce, China was a poor, underdeveloped nation. Now, the Chinese are rich and using three times as much silver. Will this drive the price of silver to $50 or even higher? One thing is certain – dramatic increases in silver investment have seen silver prices triple in the last three years and rise almost 30% in one month alone.

INVESTMENT Increasing prices of precious metals makes every Morgan Silver Dollar more valuable. But acquiring your own private cache of Morgan Silver Dollars is a long term investment in so much more… in history… in American heritage… in the splendid rendering of Miss Liberty’s profile by designer George T. Morgan, whose “M” mark on every Morgan Silver Dollar identifies his masterwork. And, of course, Morgan Silver Dollars have not been minted for 93 years and are no longer in circulation.

HOARDS Americans have been fascinated by these magnificent “Silver Cartwheels” since 1878. Desperados like Jesse James may have once stolen the very silver dollars you can acquire through this limited offering. Or maybe John Dillinger “withdrew” them from his bank at gunpoint. Whether they settled someone’s debt in the Old West, paid for a drink in a saloon or were lost in a card game on a river boat, they are rich with legendary experiences limited only by your imagination. Their silver content, then as today is .900 fine silver, totaling .77344 ozs. of pure silver. These are the reasons collectors have always hoarded them… when they could get them.

TAKE NOTE Now, 135 years after they were first minted, comes this special release of ORIGINAL U.S. GOV’T MORGAN SILVER DOLLARS… some of the last surviving “Morgans” still in existence in all the world! We’re confident of their current value, so if for any reason you’re not 100% delighted with anything you buy, simply send us your postage paid return within 60 days. We’ll issue you a prompt exchange or refund of your purchase price. Avoid disappointment and future regret by staking your claim to these valuable treasures from America’s history today.

* STRICT LIMIT OF 100 BU-Fine, Mixed Dates/Mints

*Offer not valid in CT.