Indian Head Nickel Framed Set

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It’s rare that both the obverse and reverse design of a coin are equally loved and appreciated by collectors. But that’s exactly what happened with the Indian Head Nickel, issued from 1913-1938. Designed by James E. Fraser, the coin features an Indian chief with full headdress on the front, and a bison on the back. In fact, collectors are so divided on which design they like more that some people refer to the coin as a Buffalo Nickel, and others refer to it as an Indian Head Nickel. But why should you have to choose? We have two framed collections that each feature five examples of this coin—one collection with the Indian Head design facing out and the other with the Buffalo design facing out. All coins are in Very Good or better condition. Get both sets, so you don’t have to choose! These make a great gift item, too.