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First/Last Half Eagle $5 Tribute Proof Set

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First/Last Half Eagle $5 Tribute Proof Set

In 1795, the United States Government struck its very first gold coin—the $5 Gold Half Eagle. It featured Miss Liberty on the obverse, and a heraldic eagle on the reverse. It began the tradition of minting gold coins for circulation. In 1929, the United States made history again when it struck the last $5 Gold Indian Head coin, the only incuse—or sunken—designs on a coin, forever ending the minting of $5 gold coins for circulation! We’ve paired the designs of these two historic issues, and created the 2-piece $5 Proof Tribute Set. Each of these two privately minted, non-monetary proofs is struck in .999 pure Solid Silver and clad in 13 mg 24 Kt Gold, and comes displayed in a plush presentation case.