$5 Mint Mark Tribute - 9 Piece Set

Item Code: 10046

Reg. Price: $129.00

The National Collector’s Mint is proud to announce the private, non-monetary minting of its $5 Mint Mark Tribute Set. The $5 Gold piece was the first gold coin ever to be struck by the U.S. Government, and the only denomination to be struck at all eight U.S. branch mints! It’s no wonder that an original $5 gold piece mint mark collection recently sold for a total of over $725,000!
Since it was first minted, the beloved $5 Gold piece has been struck in six major designs and at every U.S. branch mint. Now, this 9-piece set of gold clad tribute proofs heralds each of these milestone mintings, including:
• the 1795 Philadelphia, where the first $5 gold piece was struck by the U.S. Government;
• the 1838 ‘C’, the first $5 gold piece ever struck at the mint in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Charlotte Mint closed in 1861;
• the 1841 ‘O’ New Orleans $5 Gold piece, which has a recorded mintage of just 50 pieces, making it extremely rare;
• the 1861 ‘D’, the last-year-of-issue for the Dahlonega, Georgia Mint. The Dahlonega Mint, like the Charlotte Mint, struck only gold coins from local gold mines in the southeast;
• the 1876 ‘CC’, the lowest mintage year for $5 gold pieces at the treasured Carson City Mint;
• the 1866 ‘S’ from San Francisco, the first time a $5 Gold Piece ever carried the words “In God We Trust”;
• the 1911 Denver, the second ‘D’ mint mark in U.S. history, is one of only two American coins to feature an “incuse” design, where the sculpted portion is sunken into the coin instead of raised above it;
• the 1994 ‘W’, the very first-year-of-issue for the West Point Mint;

Plus a special Free bonus tribute proof of…
• the 1929 $5 Gold “Indian Head,” the very last $5 Gold Piece ever struck for circulation by the U.S. Government!