1 Ounce Canadian $50 Gold Maple Leaf

Item Code: 17807

Reg. Price:$1649.00

The World’s Most Popular Gold Coin… and the first to be minted in pure .9999 Fine Gold…the Canadian 1 Ounce $50 Gold Maple Leaf

The Royal Canadian Mint does not currently sell bullion coins to the general public. So they recommend that you find a dealer you can trust. Coin collectors from around the world rely on National Collector’s Mint as a reliable source for all types of coins, and now we are pleased to offer a limited quantity of these magnificent pure gold coins at a time when gold coins are increasingly expensive and hard to come by. These 24KT gold coins feature virtually no base metal at all – and are minted exclusively from gold mined in Canada. The obverse features a profile of Queen Elizabeth, the reverse the famous Canadian maple leaf along with purity assurances: .9999 and FINE GOLD 1 OZ OR PUR. Purchase with confidence…your satisfaction is assured