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Ask a collector what his or her favorite coin design is, and chances are that many will say the famous Buffalo design, first sculpted by James E. Fraser for the Buffalo nickel in 1913.  It’s no wonder, then, that the U.S. Gov’t. chose this design when looking for what to depict on the newest $50 Gold coin.  This is the FIRST gold coin minted by the United States to contain a full ounce of .9999 Fine Gold—it’s the purest gold coin our government has ever minted.  It’s now available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition from NCM while supplies last.  This coin is NOT available to the public from the U.S. Gov’t., so this is your chance to get the coin that everyone is talking about—order now!

#19142 BU 2012 $50 American Buffalo Gold Coin … $2,299.00
#19103 BU 2011 $50 American Buffalo Gold Coin… $2,349.00
#19102 BU 2010 $50 American Buffalo Gold Coin… $2,349.00
#19099 BU 2009 $50 American Buffalo Gold Coin… $2,349.00
#19021 BU 2008 $50 American Buffalo Gold Coin… $2,349.00
#19764 BU 2007 $50 American Buffalo Gold Coin… $2,349.00
#11095 BU 2006 $50 American Buffalo Gold Coin … $2,349.00